Why Every Kid Should Learn to Code

It’s no secret, our civilization is moving toward a more technological based society. It’s inevitable that corporations will use technology as labor saving devices. So in theory, the safest jobs on the planet are people who deal with computers, cyber security, and programming.

A large part of programming, and one that every corporation will need is coding. Programming has its own languages. There are several different types, but the process of coding is being able to write those languages to build a program for a computer. Put simply, if a corporation has nobody to write a code, then they do not have a program.

I think with this revelation, there is no reason kids shouldn’t learn how to code, in fact, it will certainly help secure their future.

Here are some different ways you can help get your child acclimated to coding:

1. Start off with basic computer skills. Get them used to a computer, proper typing skills, email skills, Google, etc.

2. Show them source codes. When you can, show them page sources for some of their favorite pages. You can show them how pictures, text, logos, etc. are in relation to the page coding. This is a relevant, practical way to teach them source codes.

3. Enroll them in some basic coding classes. Their school may offer this, or there will definitely be some community based programs that will show

them basic coding. You just want to make sure they are acclimated with basic computer skills beforehand. This will help them learn coding in a more structured sense. It will also prepare them for more advanced classes, and ultimately, college.

Overall, our kid’s generation will be almost exclusively immersed in technology, people who aren’t fluent in coding or other related fields will be left behind. It’s important to start early.

Why Coding is a Great Career

As we’ve stated before, as our economy moves further and further into the information sector, technological jobs are becoming more and more important. So basically anything that involves being fluent with computers isn’t a bad career choice. However, if you are able to pursue coding, I would highly recommend it.

Every program will need somebody to code it. So basically, as long as programs are relevant (which is seemingly indefinitely) then coding will be relevant as well. Being proficient in coding will help you secure a job for your future. In addition to security, there are a ton of other benefits that make coding a great career choice.

1. Coders can make great money. They can make a very healthy wage, because companies depend on them so much that it’s important to keep them happy.

2. They tend to have a comfortable work setting. Sure, coders are stuck on a computer most of the day, but they also get to sit in air conditioning, in a good office atmosphere, and they don’t have to be outside, sweating and getting dirty.

3. They have the freedom to move around. As long as they have the skills, people will always need coders. If a company isn’t treating them up to their standards, they can take their skill set somewhere else, or use that as leverage to improve their work conditions. Nobody wants to be stuck without a coder.

4. You can meet some really great people. Coding is a very inclusive concept. You have to work with a team of programmers/coders to help ensure a program is running properly. When you have to work with people interconnected like that, it helps build really great friendships in the meantime.

Thanks for reading, if you see anything that we may have missed, feel free to leave us a comment!

5 Awesome Carpooling Apps

Carpooling apps

It’s no secret that carpooling does wonders to the environment as less cars are on the road, meaning less fossil fuels burning emitting greenhouses gases, which ultimately means a happy Earth and environment. My family has been carpooling for a long time now, and we love it! In fact, we saved up $5,000 and bought a car just for carpooling. It’s not fancy, but our car seats 7 passengers comfortably, which is all we need!

Now that the majority of us live connected with our smartphones, it’s only the next logical step to create apps to make everyday tasks in life a bit easier.

In order to organize carpooling efforts, here are some awesome carpooling apps that will have you feeling closer to mother nature and give you a peace of mind:


Parents love this application because of its ability to create calendars filled with information and times, and it allows this calendar to be shared with others so more organization of time is had. Each family member on the calendar can be color coded for easy reading and comprehension.

Incorporate carpooling into Cozi by adding driving schedules and times and share the calendar between friends and family members to in order to develop some kind of system.

Carpool School Edition

This app has a bit more specific audience as it is geared towards students who carpool to school everyday. Carpool School Edition helps the student find out who lives near to them and invites them to join their carpooling group. Your contacts can be important or you can manually entered groups and people.

Through the app you can always create a schedule manually, or it will automatically create one based on the driver’s preferences set in the application. What’s great about this app is that its benefits aren’t limited to those who own a smart phone. iOS devices can send calendars to other computers, so that others may print out the schedule and follow along.

Car Pool Party

Designed to take stress out of the carpooling process entirely, the app will determine who will drive and when they will drive. They take the list of participants in the group and combine this information with past carpooling sessions (if available), and compose a list of whose turn it is to drive.

There’s plenty of room for adjustments and flexibility, and you can manually enter drivers or change dates on the application. If you’re having a hard time remember who drove last or drove the least, the app holds info of all past carpools as well to make the load as even as possible.


With one button, the KarPooler app lets you text all adults linked to the kids in the carpool. Traffic delays and weather changes can cause unpredicted delays in the day and slow down the carpooling process making people at risk for being late. KarPooler helps organize and manage communications with the kids in the carpool and with the adults of the children as well, just in case.


Connecting social media and carpooling, ZimRide connects you with others in the area who are looking to carpool. After setting up restrictions and preferences on the account, you can even set up music preferred so no one in the car fights over the radio! Drivers have up to 24 hours to decide on the passengers, and only are you charged until you are accepted.

Reviews of Some of the Best Blood Donation Apps

Blood donation is incredibly important. And I know that better than anyone — I trained to become a phlebotomist, and I worked as a phlebotomist in Chicago for a long time.

Everybody knows that, but not everybody knows where, how, and when to give blood. When somebody is in a car wreck or has any number of physical trauma, it requires a ton of blood to keep that person alive. There are applications on the market that help people manage how they will give blood.

1. Blood Donor Mobile: I would say that Blood Donor Mobile is one of the most interactive applications available. The amount of features that it offers is just incredible. It offers eligibility reminders, letting potential donors that they are able to give blood, and their blood is needed. It also offers blood drive locators, blood bank news and updates, as well as social media sharing which will potentially encourage others to donate blood as well. This application is mostly for blood collection agencies. It allows the agency to connect with potential donors, customize the application, and organize their blood drives.

2. The Blood Center: this is another mobile application that allows the user to mobilize and organize their donations and blood drives. The application helps facilitates donor matches through GPS, directions, phone numbers and hours. It’s just a really simple way to connect all the parties involved in blood donating. Additionally, it’s free and very user friendly.

3. Indian Blood Donors: This is basically the same sort of application as the others, but for India. This was developed after the founder watched several people die in his neighborhood due to lack of blood supply. This is a user friendly, effective way to mobilize blood donors in a location where is might be very difficult to obtain the blood or find a place to donate.

Thanks for reading. If you know of any applications that we may have missed, please feel free to leave us a comment, and we will try to get them added!

Our Favorite Hunting Apps for This Year’s Deer Season

The process of hunting has been around since the dawn of man. However, there is no sense in relying on tactics that are outdated and inefficient if you don’t have to. And, well, as long as you have a smart phone, you don’t have to. We have compiled a list of applications that are tried, trusted, and guaranteed to help you while hunting in the field.

1. Primos Hunting Calls: this application was rated the best-selling application like, ever. This is pretty impressive. It’s a simple application that helps you replicate the calls of animals that you are trying to hunt. It has over 20 different animal calls, and it’s much better than bringing out the old style duck horn. You basically just pack all of your calls into one device. A hunter should never leave the home without it!

2. iHunt Journal: this is a relatively simple concept that helps you track all of your excursions and what the outcomes were. Whether you leave with five full grown bucks, or none, this application will help you keep track of everything and note any patterns that may be created. Additionally, this application allows you to use your camera to keep track of where you were last so you never lost your stand! I would say this is a necessary hunting application.

3. iSonular Hunting & Fishing Times: this is an all-inclusive application that helps hunters and fishers alike to capitalize on the best time of day to go hunting or fishing. It retrieves feeding data, weather, time, etc. from the United States Naval Observatory and brings it directly to your phone. This is an excellent application to help you decide when and where your next hunting or fishing excursion needs to be.

Thanks for reading! If you know of any tried and trusted applications that we have missed, feel free to leave a comment for us, and we’ll get them added! So grab your hunting knife (preferably something like your Bark River knife) and give these apps a whirl!

3 Fantastic Running Apps to Try

When we think of what we want out of a running application, it can be pretty simple — whether you’re a crossfit junkie or a tennis player. Really, we just want to map our run, pull our statistics, and compare them to measure our progression. There are plenty of applications that can do that. From there, it’s all about the presentation and the user interface. We have compiled a list of our favorite running applications available.

1. Nike+ Running: This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. Nike pretty much owns everything that is related to sports. They have a ton of resources, style, and they love to put together top notch products for us. This app doesn’t require a Nike chip in your shoes to sync up with, so you’re able to just grab your phone and go. Additionally, it offers really cool things like a mock crowd to cheer you on, running music, even a power song to help the more tough runs. Nike definitely didn’t cut any corners on this app.

2. RunKeeper: RunKeeper is one of the more popular applications. It has a massive user base because it is very simple and easy to use. All you do is put in your head phones, sync up your run path, and go. It allows you to map your route, check your pace, and compare your times. If you want a basic app to get you going, this is an excellent choice.

3. MapMyRun: Not so different than the name suggests, this application helps you, well, map your run. Unlike the others, this is the primary focus. However, it has some other great features like tracking your calories, elevation, distance, and even your nutrition for the day. Not bad for an application that specializes in mapping. This application also helps your measure your overall health so you can analyze why you might not be making proper improvements.